Thursday, January 6, 2011

West Coast Choppers

So it is finally official that west coast choppers has shut its doors auctioned off a ton of the equiptment they bought back in the day and are now selling the buildings in Long Beach that they have made famous. Jesse James the man with the questionable namesake who founded it with his first of 3 ex wives  was the driving force and vision behind this endeavor that was ahead of the whole "choppers" curve, before the Discovery Channel decided to rape the industry and smear the name chopper with anything custom and with those two assclowns from Orange County Choppers.I thought when Billy Lane imploded that wow this is why Jesse distanced himself from all of the builder shows and the build off series , IT ALMOST SEEMED LIKE ONCE AGAIN HE WAS A STEP AHEAD AND COULD SEE THIS ALL FALLING DOWN LIKE A DECK OF CARDS SHAPED INTO A HOUSE ON A COFFEE TABLE....AHHHH COFFEE...SORRY BRAIN FART ANYWAY OPPS CAPS LOCK. so as i was saying Billy was a drinker and was always acting too cool for the room and finally ran shit out of luck and killed someone driving hme one day, truth be told this could happen to any of us as driving or even riding buzzed is not unusual in most circles , he is in prison for a few more years after wich time his company Choppers Inc. that he made famous will be about as dead as its website and while i think Billy is an amazing talent i wonder if he will be able to get back even some of the respect and recognition he had achieved within the industry, sad to see it go the way it did..Jesse kept on trucking along and i thought West Coast Choppers was the type of business with enough money enough apparel and enough of a name that it was established and never going anywhere. Then the earth shook as Jesse finally revealed he wasnt ahead of the curve at all but just damn lucky and hard working and finally one outweighed the other. his luck had run out like Billy's and he got caught screwing around on his 3rd wife actress Sandra Bullock, now i see why he was 2 times divorced i wonder if only the other times it wasnt as published because he had the money to keep it on the downlow while settling money between the others, but this time he screwed around on a beloved actress that had just won a fucking oscar. I wonder if while she was accepting the oscar he was thinking sitting there "wow im fucked" because he was.So in a panic unlike the jesse he always was he drops his entire life and all the people who depend on the jobs he supplied to run to texas to be close to the woman he was banging anything that would hold still on.

All of my heroes are now dead and the time has come for something new, i sold my last bike last winter...was i ahead of the curve or just fuckin lucky?Either way who knows time writes the history books actions rarely make up what realy happens. And no matter what all the builders are doing and what the Joe public is into i am gettin the itch again and thinkig an xs650 would scratch it nicely

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