Tuesday, January 24, 2012

The first time I knew towing could possibly kill me.

I towed for a few years by the time I was towing for Levesque's towing. It was an OK place the owner Brian seemed like a stand up guy, mind you I said "seemed" anyway we would get so busy at night that they would have a rotation of at least 3 guys on every night and one heavy for truck tows. On this particular night it was police week in Swansea which meant any calls for a police man needing a car towed was ours and at 75 bucks just to hook it we all wanted a piece of that action. We would sit in the Swansea tow yard until about 10 pm when things always slowed down or one of the guys would camp out up there and dispatch would give them every police call because they were close and they never wanted to the cops waiting. So you either sat there all night or lost money. On this night we get a call for a tow and Stevie a kid we called noodles took it. He was bad at stealing calls from us so we let him have this one. An hour went by and he told us on the two way he needed help, this was before nextels and cell phones so two way CB was king to us. Me and Paul went out in the other two trucks and saw noodles at the end of a dirt road about a mile long all mud stuck up to his rockers. The car a daytona was behind him. This lady went down this road and don't ask how she got that far was stuck and now noodles was too. I backed in with my truck and hooked him to me we did an inch worm pull i would winch him to me and he would winch her to him and then i would free spool the winch and do it all over again. We got all the way to where i was out and he was almost out and had her in a weird angle so he wanted to pull from the passenger side of his truck. I get the snatch block out to tie the cable down and he says no i got it and puts the winch cable behind the old brackets on the back body for the dolly system for 4wd's. I say "no that wont hold" and just as I finish the sentence the bracket snaps off the body and the cable now acts like a huge slingshot trying to go straight and shoots the bracket at me hitting me in the chest and sending me about 15 feet into the woods. Everyone comes over to me laughing at first the serious when they see I'm grey and have a hole in my shirt with blood coming out of it. I ended up at the ER that night with a bruised heart, funnier part was the owners brother in law who towed there said i was a faker and the owner never looked at me the same....every time I tell this story people say wow did noodles get fired he was an idiot...actually no he never even got reprimanded i got the shit for being hurt wearing a heart monitor and having a bruised heart all the while trying to be safe. People wonder why Levesque's went out of business, i wonder how they stayed as long as they did. Brian had the ability to have a great family business there . His father owned it outright as it was at one time an old mobile station. In the end Brian sold out to road one and lost everything and had to quit and go work for AAA. Last I had heard he was down south somewhere and his two boys were in an institution with PTSD after fighting in Iraq . Feel bad for them not him tho.  Ever get fired from a job for having walking pneumonia from the job? I did ! But that is another story for another day wait until I get to Rosas garage , 5 of the people I worked with there are dead now and that would be putting it at a safe number.

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Einsteins Riddle

For those of you who do see my facebook posts then you have seen my posting for Einsteins Riddle and it is a doozy, i have looked on the internet after solving it and found everything from Einstein standing in front of blackboard with the answer in front of him to people insisting they have the answer and proceeding to show they have no clue and guessed.I even ran into one person who insisted we were all fools and the answer is something completly wrong.I am by no means the next Albert Einstein, i took 20 minutes to prove the answer out he probably wrote the riddle in less time and to make a riddle that is this intriguing is the biggest kick in the pants.Now if you want you can always run onto the internets google sidebar and type in EInstein's riddle answer and boom you have it , but for any chance at feeling you earned the answer you shouldnt look for it until you think under your own pwers you have it by yourself. Without further adeu here is the riddle

Einstein's Riddle



There are no tricks, just pure logic, so good luck and don't give up.

1. In a street there are five houses, painted five different colours.
2. In each house lives a person of different nationality
3. These five homeowners each drink a different kind of beverage, smoke different brand of cigar and keep a different pet.



1. The Brit lives in a red house.
2. The Swede keeps dogs as pets.
3. The Dane drinks tea.
4. The Green house is next to, and on the left of the White house.
5. The owner of the Green house drinks coffee.
6. The person who smokes Pall Mall rears birds.
7. The owner of the Yellow house smokes Dunhill.
8. The man living in the centre house drinks milk.
9. The Norwegian lives in the first house.
10. The man who smokes Blends lives next to the one who keeps cats.
11. The man who keeps horses lives next to the man who smokes Dunhill.
12. The man who smokes Blue Master drinks beer.
13. The German smokes Prince.
14. The Norwegian lives next to the blue house.
15. The man who smokes Blends has a neighbour who drinks water.


Now for the part that gets tricky I havent seen anything on any of the theories i have on this riddle or why i had the answer in a nanosecond or how i came up with such a simple way to view this riddle , all i can do is first give you the hints that were obvious to me and not given then i will give you the answer i had pop into my head instantly and the graph of how to prove out your answer so that everyone has the correct house smoke drink and pet so here we go ready for some thought process provided for you by the mind of a teamster....yes im not a genius hell i didnt even go to college but i do score in the 130's on iq tests regularly so follow me here, Einstein was quoted as saying he wasnt favorable to teaching for any length of time he thought it would hinder your ability to have free thoughts and a mind that can stretch for answers, he felt as i have read that if you spend any length of time being schooled all you have done is trained yourself to a set way of thinking and anything outside of this box you have created will ultimatley hinder you in the ability to be a progressive and adventurous thinker.Using this knowledge of how Einstein viewed thinking i looked at the riddle and tried to do it the way i was taught, with everything starting on my left and working in a line from there, well as soon as you do that the norwegian is in the first house on the left and you are all done, once he is in the wrong spot every clue after that gets put out of order, so me and my wife sat for about 10 minutes and i couldnt get it, things werent lining up. I said "wait the norwegian is in the wrong place he should be all the way to the right" my wife said no hes first and thats when it hit me.He is the first house however the riddle states he is the first house but never on wich side. To visualize this i imagined all of the houses were on a dead end street and all on the same side , with a field across the dead end street from them .Now imagine your standing in the field looking across the street at the houses however , imagine the dead end is to your left and the entrance is to your right, that makes the first house on the street the house all the way to the right and the norwegian owns it, using this idea use the clues from there and you end up with the german having the fish. now i will break this all down for you
starting at the right and working left like i said earlier we will begin
the right hand house is the yellow house with the norwegian and he drinks water smokes dunhills and has cats
the next one is the blue house owned by the dane who drinks tea smokes blends and keeps horses and then the house to his left is the red house owned by the brit who drinks milk smokes pall mall and keeps birds and to his left is the white house owned by the swede drinks beer smokes bluemasters and has dogs and the final house is the green house all the way to the left at the dead end that is owned by the german who drinks coffee smokes prince and has a fish that is how it proves out and ive seen plenty of graphs that are way out of wack and say german has the fish but little things like the brit was in the white house....look in the riddle it states the brit is in the red house...if you cant get this correct then your guessing obviously and well you only cheated yourself, now for the simplest way to get the answer to this riddle and the answer that as soon as i read this riddle the answer wich was german popped into my head and its actually quite simple...Einstein is german and owns a fish.......that was my first thought lol try and prove it out and see what you get.good luck


Thursday, January 13, 2011

long ass ride

I wish i could remember the year hell they all just seem to meld together at this point. My wife me my buddies Paul and Big Jim and the ole ladies they had in tow all went up to Laconia bike week but my bud Big Jim had a deal he couldnt pass up on a cabin he would rent and split the bill with all of us up in Lake Ossipee, i hope i spelled that right. It was a great place right on the water pretty much but the downside to the cabin was it was almost an hour out of the Weirs and up in the mountains. At first we didnt mind it was a sweet ride down the mountain and into town we all had a blast the first day but the second it started to catch up to us, the rain was non staop heavy and hard and when we contacted a bro who was in the Weirs he said we had to be bullshitting him it was sunnt no clouds. Apparently the friggin mountains had other ideas for us . We hooked up with a buddy of ours Sanchez or as we loved to call him FAT KID lol he wasnt fat it was just an odd nickname he got as a kid and it stuck. We all did our best with hefty bags to make makeshift rain gear and sanchez decided his head had to stay dry so he wrapped it around the brim of his scalp with duct tape and looked like an oil sheik riding down the mountain.The day went off famously as they say in the lifted pinkie crowds and we scooted back a little weary after a long day of everything but behaving. the next day was when it made us pay real hard, it was sleeting and it was sleeting hard . We had to make it into town because the big ass kick band skynrd was playing and we didnt wanna miss that shit. Halfway down the hill my bud paul pussed out and started whining "im wet im wet "so we found another bro with a cabin and stopped in to soak up the fireplace. My bud paul stood in front of the fire for an hour, and shivered and the sleet had now turned into hail the size of golf balls. Even my wife was trying to talk him and Big jim into the ride down we were halfway down and the hail would stop at some point if we headed into town but if we turned back we were gonna eat hail the whole way.My homeboys werent budging they wanted to head back and dry out  so i did the only thing i could and that was head back with them ( couldnt leave em fending for themselves) however we didnt get 5 minutes up the road and i snapped.They wanted to go 2 miles an hour in this hail because they were cold i had my wife on the back of my whip and i said to them" see you  in the garage" and opened it up.You can ride real slow and careful and it would be safer im sure but at 60 with my wife and all i was straight as an arrow and the hail doesnt hurt worse then ouch no matter what why prolong it. We got back to the cabin a half hour later and my bro's rolled in no kidding an hour after that.It was the end of the bike week as we knew it that year after that the discovery channel blew up and everything with billet was a "chopper" and anyone they featured was a "master builder". The place went from a party with good people to T-shirt week with weekend warriors and a death toll that kept on rising as more people who didnt ride normally were riding like cowboys and drinking to boot. To this day my wife is the onl 5 foot tal woman i have seen at the spoke make a 6 ft 7 dude move when she said" i need that barrell" and he said" find another "and she said" ok im puking now" and he hauled ass. good times were had by all including Paul who before he softened up actually asked a female NH statie to show him her tits...and then ran like a hooker in church. we did have a blast before the whole thing became american chopper friendly.To all my friends and family who were there and still go despite the new scene cheers, maybe the smoke out is better.I will never forget 450 pound Scotty throwing Mr Mowry in the lake or the Dude with one leg and no chest plate sleeping in the barkoounger and having a night terror and beating the shit out of the reading lamp that was hanging over him while his chest was pounding in and out and his left legs nub was thumping.Or the same big dude Scotty throwing his wheelchair down the hill at the weirs . These are the memories you never lose and make you smile on bad days.Thank god for good times. Seems the older you get the longer it seems since you were that guy . 

Thursday, January 6, 2011

West Coast Choppers

So it is finally official that west coast choppers has shut its doors auctioned off a ton of the equiptment they bought back in the day and are now selling the buildings in Long Beach that they have made famous. Jesse James the man with the questionable namesake who founded it with his first of 3 ex wives  was the driving force and vision behind this endeavor that was ahead of the whole "choppers" curve, before the Discovery Channel decided to rape the industry and smear the name chopper with anything custom and with those two assclowns from Orange County Choppers.I thought when Billy Lane imploded that wow this is why Jesse distanced himself from all of the builder shows and the build off series , IT ALMOST SEEMED LIKE ONCE AGAIN HE WAS A STEP AHEAD AND COULD SEE THIS ALL FALLING DOWN LIKE A DECK OF CARDS SHAPED INTO A HOUSE ON A COFFEE TABLE....AHHHH COFFEE...SORRY BRAIN FART ANYWAY OPPS CAPS LOCK. so as i was saying Billy was a drinker and was always acting too cool for the room and finally ran shit out of luck and killed someone driving hme one day, truth be told this could happen to any of us as driving or even riding buzzed is not unusual in most circles , he is in prison for a few more years after wich time his company Choppers Inc. that he made famous will be about as dead as its website and while i think Billy is an amazing talent i wonder if he will be able to get back even some of the respect and recognition he had achieved within the industry, sad to see it go the way it did..Jesse kept on trucking along and i thought West Coast Choppers was the type of business with enough money enough apparel and enough of a name that it was established and never going anywhere. Then the earth shook as Jesse finally revealed he wasnt ahead of the curve at all but just damn lucky and hard working and finally one outweighed the other. his luck had run out like Billy's and he got caught screwing around on his 3rd wife actress Sandra Bullock, now i see why he was 2 times divorced i wonder if only the other times it wasnt as published because he had the money to keep it on the downlow while settling money between the others, but this time he screwed around on a beloved actress that had just won a fucking oscar. I wonder if while she was accepting the oscar he was thinking sitting there "wow im fucked" because he was.So in a panic unlike the jesse he always was he drops his entire life and all the people who depend on the jobs he supplied to run to texas to be close to the woman he was banging anything that would hold still on.

All of my heroes are now dead and the time has come for something new, i sold my last bike last winter...was i ahead of the curve or just fuckin lucky?Either way who knows time writes the history books actions rarely make up what realy happens. And no matter what all the builders are doing and what the Joe public is into i am gettin the itch again and thinkig an xs650 would scratch it nicely

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Pearl Jam - Throw Your Arms Around Me

Eddie Vedder

I was just listening to Eddie do a cover of hunters collectors son" throw your arms around me" and it got me to thinking about the stars lining up. The band Pearl Jam was actually never supposed to be and Eddie was never even the front man. Originally the entire band minus Eddie was called Mother Love Bone , but as most bands have a habit of having happen to them the lead singer, Andrew Wood who was a leading force in the band died only days before the release of the slated "big break" album "apple" came out diminishing any hopes of the breakout they had worked so hard for, Wood who had a history of drug addiction had overdosed on heroin and was in a coma for a few days before succuming to his addiction.The remaining band members led by Gossard and Ament went to Soundgarden frontman Chris Cornell who would later also front Audioslave and asked if he would be interested in recording a single containing 2 songs written in tribute to the late Wood.The single became an album and the mini super group would take the name Temple Of The Dog , they found Eddie Vedder thru Red Hot Chili Peppers drummer Jack Irons who gave Eddie  a tape of a band looking for a lead singer while eddie was pumping gas in seattle, and before long he sang on Hunger Strike on the temple of the dog album, he got along so well with the band Pearl Jam would soon be formed. the band Mother Love Bone had a demo tape sent to them by Eddie with 3 songs about a serial killer imprisoned and sentenced to death the three songs were "alive" "once" and "footsteps" the songs have found different meaning over the years but the beginnings of them stemmed from Eddie's realization that his father wasnt who he thought and his real father had actually died and had once met him without eddie even knowing who he was. The band impressed with what was on these tapes were in and the rest is history.When i hear eddie singing even a cover , the song takes a new form or shape, sometimes stars line up and i think of all the people i have met in my life doing just rudimentary jobs just paying bills trying to get by and they could very well be holding something back or not getting the chance to release it. Eddie was working at a gas station and probably looked down upon by people as an attendant i know i was every time i had jobs of this nature, sometimes you never know who you are buying a coffee from or getting gas from,sometimes the lightning never gets in the bottle and sometimes the stars do line up, i am grateful they did at least once.long live Eddie

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

duckin frunk

no more posts im tired of writing to noone talking to noone and always being fucking wrong  im fuckin depressed, maybe ill pour some beer on it, ahh that makes it all better , after all i am at least typing to myself here